A new White Paper prepared by Hydrogen Mobility Ireland (HMI),

A new White Paper prepared by Hydrogen Mobility Ireland (HMI), details a number of recommendations on how the deployment of hydrogen across transport could propel Ireland’s transition to net-zero in both transport and the wider economy. The publication follows the Government’s decision to open a public consultation on the development of a national strategy for green hydrogen – a move which HMI has welcomed.

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(HMI White Paper Policy to Enable Green Hydrogen)

(The Benefits of Hydrogen for Mobility in Ireland)

Response to Public Consultation on the Renewable Fuels for Transport Policy
May 2022

Response to Consultation on the proposed revision to the Gas Directive and the Gas Regulation and proposals for a Regulation on Methane Emissions
April 2022

Eliminate Not Abate:
Hydrogen Efficiency Advantages for Zero CO2 Transport

(link to report)

This report reviews how electricity for two transport options–battery and fuel cell electric vehicles–will be generated in a net zero world.

A Hydrogen Roadmap for Irish Transport, 2020-2030

The first action of Hydrogen Mobility Ireland has been to develop a hydrogen mobility strategy for Ireland, setting out a pathway for the introduction of hydrogen production sites, hydrogen stations and hydrogen vehicles between now and 2030. The strategy provides a clear picture of what hydrogen mobility can achieve in Ireland over the next ten years and demonstrates that this vision is clearly achievable at levels of commitment that industry and government can support.

The full strategy is set out in our publication “A Hydrogen Roadmap for Irish Transport, 2020-2030(link to report) and a narrative summary is also available (link to report)

Focus on Hydrogen Mobility Ireland